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Sebastian Ramirez Geisha 90+ White Honey

78,00 лв.312,00 лв.


ALTITUDE: 1.650-2.000m

Taste like: Honeysuckle | Bergamot | Jasmine | White Peach | Lemongrass.

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Geisha White Honey coffee beans are processed with great care and attention to detail. The cherries are collected and sorted to ensure that 95% of them are ripe and 5% are semi-ripe. The beans then undergo anaerobic fermentation in 200-liter tanks at a constant temperature of 18°C, with CO2 injection and submersion in water with an oxygen pump for 48 hours. After fermentation, the beans undergo a two-phase drying process, which is carefully controlled and slowed down using shade netting. Finally, the beans are packaged in Grain-Pro bags and stabilized for 15 days. This meticulous process results in high-quality coffee that is sure to delight coffee lovers.

The “El Placer” Farms Project begins with Sebastián Ramírez who is a 4th Generation Coffee Producer at the top of his game producing complex, desirable and delicious coffees.
El Placer means “The Pleasure” in English, and the farm is located in the heart of El Eje Cafetero (the coffee zone) in Calarcá, Quindío at an elevation of 1744 masl.

Sebastián is a fourth-generation coffee producer who began working with coffee fourteen years ago and gained valuable experience managing his parent’s farm. This allowed him to develop the El Placer project which began with his family farm and now includes partner farms of small coffee producers in Quindío and Huila: Andalucía, La Sofia, La Carito and La Paz.

Their Processing Centre “El Placer Farms Hacienda Córcega Beneficio Center” is located in Quimbaya and is equipped with the latest technology, allowing the farms belonging to the project to process their coffee using cutting edge techniques. The project has also undertaken a Generational Relief initiative with the primary goal of educating and inspiring young individuals to pursue careers as coffee producers, thus playing a pivotal role in shaping the future generation of coffee producers.

The El Placer farm itself sits between 1,590 and 1,740 masl in Calarcá, a municipality in the eastern part of the department of Quindío. The lush rolling hills are planted with high quality varieties like pink Bourbon, Geisha, Bourbon Sidra and Wush Wush. Sebastián focuses his attention on the fermentation process and works closely with Q-graders and Q-Processing professionals to perfect his protocols. He’s a young and very passionate producer who also dedicates his time to adopting and caring for rescue dogs with a local charity. Many of his coffee lots are named after his dogs.

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Beans, Aero press, Espresso, Filter coffee, French press, Hemex, Moca, Turkish pot


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