About Us


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We are THE FAMILY Coffee Roasters. We offer our customers an explosion of tastes – blended in the perfect cup of coffee.We want to break the myth that coffee is bitter and show the individual qualities of each coffee variety.

We are part of the third wave of coffee roasters who are trying to change the perception of coffee. We develop coffee culture in Bulgaria, trying to show the best of the black drink. We offer it with guaranteed quality and origin. We at The FAMILY Coffee Roasters strive to spread the rich taste of coffee so that it reaches as many people as possible. This is the ideology we profess and believe in for so many years.

Our selection of high quality Arabica coffee is strictly traceable. We know the full origin of the coffee. From the location of the farm, the way it grows, the degree of maturity and the exact period of its harvest. And then the coffee comes to us and we carefully examine it, begin to roast it in order to extract all its flavors and tastes.

Apart from having masterful coffee, you will have the opportunity to buy all the necessary supplies, part of this ritual – espresso machines, coffee grinders, porcelain cups and accessories.

We have an espresso bar equipped with the finest machines in the world where you will have the privilege of tasting different types of coffee and coffee type of drinks. Prepared, of course, by carefully selected coffee varieties, precisely roasted by us. And served with a smile to you.


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To find the best cup of coffee, we will roast it in a special way so that we uncover its full potential, emphasizing the sweetness and the taste of each sip.

In THE FAMILY Coffee Roasters, we believe coffee should be exciting, fragrant, affordable and unique.

We roast with passion and create a taste for every visitor!