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Nicaragua Los Placares

25,00 лв.

Altitude: 850m-1110m
Process: Washed
Varietal: Ethiosar
FARM: Mierisch


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“Since 1908, we’ve been a family operation” Dr. Erwin R. Mierisch, along with his wife, Maria Ligia McEwan de Mierisch, are Fincas Mierisch’s 3rd generation producers. Their children, Erwin Jr, Eleane, and Steve, got involved in organizing, judging, and participating in the Cup of Excellence program from the mid 2000’s, which helped them to learn all the hard work it takes to produce high caliber coffee.

Fincas Mierisch comprises 9 coffee farms in Nicaragua, and 3 coffee farms in Honduras.
 All three farms in Honduras sit at a higher altitude than any of our farms in Nicaragua.

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250 g., 500 g., 1000 g.

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Beans, Aero press, Espresso, Filter coffee, French press, Hemex, Moca, Turkish pot